The art of fine quality Japanese Chin

Origami Japanese Chin was established in 2016 after purchasing our first show chin. Like the saying goes, once you have owned a chin, there is no going back. Their elegance, arrogance, sweet natures, and  striking beauty make this breed oh so addictive. Don't let their luxurious coat intimidate you as they require very minimal care. The best thing about chin is their love of one another as well as their owners. What's  not  to  adore?

Del Gonzales is a trained artist, dog enthusiast & exhibitor of 15 years.  Johnathon Sullinger is a Veterinary Technician (currently studying to become a Veterinarian). Our love of the breed goes beyond the show ring and whelping box. We have made it our mission to use our combined skills to improve, promote & protect this breed to  ensure their longevity, vitality and health.  We strive to do this through rigorous health testing, regular maintenance, training and choosing only the very best to bring into our breeding program.


We would love to answer any questions you may have. Please check in  often to follow our journey in the show ring and the whelping box.